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Here at Rainbow Digital Marketing LLC we possess the analytical and social skills to identify your target audience quickly, and better understand your customers' needs. By effectively utilizing paid Facebook™, and Instagram™ Ads we will get your customers' attention and generate sales leads.

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Facebook™ Advertising

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Instagram™ Advertising

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Why should you choose us?

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As a small business it is imperative to have social media presence. Digital marketing through social media ads is an excellent way to build engagement and create word-of-mouth brand awareness, which will help sell your product. However, social media marketing is complex. It takes a special skill to create and promote excellent social media Ads. Rainbow Digital Marketing LLC can help you cut through the noise and get your business noticed. Your future customers are out there. Let's reach them!

What We Offer

We are experts at finding new customers and taking them through the sales funnel using Facebook™, and Instagram™ Ads.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook™ & Instagram™ Ads go far beyond boosting a post. There are several different types of campaigns we can run that are optimized for different things such as website traffic, conversions, leads, and event responses. Additionally, the targeting capabilities on Facebook's Ads Manager™ platform are incredible. We can make custom audiences from things like customer lists or emails lists, create look-alike audiences to find more people who are similar to your customers, and remarket to your website visitors.

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of Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads

The Power of


Ever wondered why all of a sudden after searching for something online you are being bombarded with Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads advertising that very item? This is called Retargeting and it turns window shoppers into paying customers by serving ads to those who have shown interest.


This allows you to track exactly how many people see your Ad, what action was taken, and the profit from each Ad.


No matter the ad campaign, it would probably be ill-advised to deliver an ad featuring a Cheeseburger to a vegan. We target a specific audience based on location, gender, age, interests, and more so you get the most out of your paid Ads.

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Get Started

Choose Your Package

Facebook/ Instagram Ads 
Starts at $500/month *

  • Personalized advertising strategy and Implementation

  • Monthly optimizations and reporting

  • Minimum 3 month contract

Ad Copy & Creative 

Starts at $50

  • Done-For-You Ad Copy and Creative 

  • Image or video

DFY Lead Funnel 


  • Lead Funnel

  • Funnel copy

  • Video Sales Letter

  • Funnel Emails

*Price does not include Ad Spend

Additional Services:

  • Pixel Installation

  • Landing pages

To Maximize Your Profits and Reach New Customers!

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